We believe that agencies are way too busy to crunch numbers, and that the very best agencies have important aspects of their work automated. It saves time, and it removes the guesswork.

Our metrics help. Predictive metrics allow us to tell you the very best time to post. The data that comes in from your activity feeds our service, which works with the numbers to provide your agency with the information that matters.

And we’re talking crucial information. Not just what time to post (although we’ve got that one nailed) but also what time to post to get the very best level of engagement.

Locowise Predictive Metrics
Locowise Predictive Key

Looking to the past to see the future

A social media agency survives and prospers only if it can predict future events. By combining all the historical social media data on a client, you can then use this information with Locowise software to predict the future.

Activity brings outcomes, and we study past behaviour in order to forecast the events of the months ahead. From predicting follower numbers through consistent activity to comparing competitor growth to your client’s during the last financial quarter, Locowise allows you to work with data in ways you've never experienced before.