The beauty of the Locowise platform (and what makes it so perfect for agencies) is the ability to glean a vast amount of information on a prospect. If you’re an agency and you’re out looking for clients, you can use Locowise to arm yourself with the details on those prospects.

Pulling up a report on a company that you feel is the perfect client couldn't be easier. And once you’re looking at a report, you’ll easily find out what the prospect is doing on social media. This allows you to start making decisions regarding any pitch you might prepare to win new business.

In the past, before such incredible access to social media metrics, you would still have to guess (or at best speculate) which posts worked for a prospect. You would need to track their social feeds for hours to work out what the prospect is all about.

Locowise Business Development

And all of that was hard work.

On top of that hard work, you also had to make sure that you were in the prospect’s shoes. The easiest sell is to a prospect you know, inside and out.

Locowise makes all of that happen in minutes, so in-depth research into the social presence of a prospect is easy and quick. You’ll know who they are, what they are about, and what is and isn’t working for them.

And that last part? It’s the most important one.