Social media is no longer a specialised concept, and chances are, your client’s competitors are completely au fait with their accounts. This means that, when it comes to the competition, it’s vitally important that you know what they are doing.

Using our Competitor Benchmarking function, you will be able to monitor exactly what your client’s competitors are doing on social media. And this means everything is visible and trackable.

What’s more, you’ll be able to compare your performance against the competition. Want to know how much reach your client has? No problem. What about the engagement? A cinch.

And if your competition is using video more than anything else because it works, you know exactly how you can play them at their own game. And as for the hard work, you can rely on Locowise. Crunching numbers is what we do best. Just add the accounts that you wish to benchmark, and we will do the rest.

Locowise Competitor Benchmarking
Locowise Benchmarking Benefits

With Locowise Competitor Benchmarking you can:

Compare your profile versus your competition with focus on the audience growth, engagement and best content.
See your share of voice compared to your competition.
Do sentiment analysis for your competitors on brand, page and post level.
See your competitor's posting frequency and a prediction on when they will post next.
See the percentage of posts they promote using paid social media advertising.
See prediction of their audience growth over the upcoming weeks and months.
See their Facebook impressions and reach on both page and post level.