Now your team can make smart, data-driven decisions on what to do, when and how. Really.

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Turn all your data into more engagement, traffic and ROI

Locowise goes beyond pretty charts. We crunch the data for you. We draw insights from the noise. And we produce business value immediately - answering specific questions with high-action intelligence.

Locowise Scientist Optimal Time To Post

Post at the best time. Every time. (So people actually look)

In an ideal world you would only post your content when the majority of your followers could see it.

You may have a hunch on what those best times may be and you are probably even more certain on when not to post but this is intuition at best. At worst, you’re just taking a wild guess. And that’s no way to build a brand.

Locowise looks at hundreds of data points that relate just to your brand. From your historical social media performance to that of your competitors and the countries you operate in, the model analyses thousands of scenarios, and delivers you the insight that matters. So you know when the ‘best time’ is. That's the best day, and the best time for engagement.

No hunches. No guesswork. Just data-driven action.

Locowise Scientist Post Frequency

What if you could get 4x engagement? You can - here’s how:

How many times should I post per day? Does the social network I use make a difference?

Post frequency does make a difference. If we post more on Twitter, for example, does it give us more engagement? And how much more? And does posting ten times a day rather than five really matter?

If we understood that four posts per day gave us 4x engagement than once per day gave us then, we would post more frequently, right? How about if 3x gave us 4x the amount and 4x reduced our performance by 50%?

Locowise is constantly feeding your social data into its models to inform you what your unique position is. With a focus on each channel you use, you gain insight into what frequency you should employ to maximise engagement. So you do more in less time.

Locowise Scientist Sentiment

Be the fly on the wall every time someone talks about you

Gauging sentiment for your brand is essential to understanding whether your audience is moving with you or moving away. Timely understanding on how well your content is being received can feed into content plans and brand tone.

With Locowise undertaking multi-lingual, post-level analysis across all your social channels every minute of every day, you have the pulse of the fan base you work so hard to develop.

Locowise monitors sentiment trends and patterns so that you ‘know’ your audience, predict PR problems before they occur, and build more of what your audience love you for.

Locowise Report

A dashboard that’s as smart as a ... smart person :)

A smart dashboard that tells you all you need to know about each profile. Be in the know and seize opportunities. Locowise delivers alerts, provides predictive insights, makes smart and intelligent recommendations, and highlights it all in real-time.

No fuss, no work, just the information that you can use. All you have to do is absorb, and act.

Spend more time on creating and posting optimised content. Leave the data management and delivery to the dashboard, where it belongs.

The dashboard gives you full control, for a fully optimised performance on social.

Locowise Publisher

Automate your posts! Use the scheduler.

Scheduling posts shouldn’t be a chore, so we make sure it isn’t. Locowise takes into account the times of the day and week that are best to post your content, and then it looks at other factors too, such as competitor posting rates and the engagement rates of your previous content.

With all that data safely stored and ready to use, the tool then simply lists out and allows you to schedule the content at the best possible times. That means you get the engagement you want with content that is in front of your audience, but only when they're ready to see it.

Normally, this would be a major undertaking. With our post scheduling, it takes seconds, and leaves you to focus on creating content your audience loves.

Locowise Reports

Kill clunky PowerPoint - Choose clear reporting

Reports help you drive strategy and prove value. But getting them together can be challenging. Rely upon the Locowise platform to make it easy. It’ll compile and arrange all the data in easy to use reports. Attractive and accessible, it means the death of the rushed PowerPoint, and the birth of simple, intuitive reporting.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can take the hard work out of scheduling reports, so the right data gets generated and reported on at the right times in the financial year, for example. This lets you stay on top of your game with reporting that is just easy. It’s all done for you.

And when it’s time to share those reports, do it all from one spot on our platform.

Locowise Benchmarking

Benchmark your growth vs your competitors

Locowise allows you to play the long game, by predicting how your profiles will grow. This gives you the chance to compare your profiles to those of your competitors. Adapt as you go, and see what you need to do to make things better months down the track.

Astoundingly quick and useful, you can look at the audience you grow on Facebook right now, for example, and see how it will grow next month. That’s real insight, and it helps you develop your brand on social.

Locowise Promoted Post Detection

Don’t just react to competitors - outplay them

The Locowise algorithm and platform doesn't just do the obvious by allowing you to compare your profiles to those of your competitors. It’s one step beyond that.

We’ll help you see the promoted posts that your competitors throw in the mix instantly, so you can act quickly. What’s more (and even we’re a little surprised at just how amazing we are) we can tell you when your competitors are going to post before they do.

That’s not just comparison, that's real business intelligence, but dragged into the social media age.


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