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Frequently asked questions

This help centre is designed to cover the frequently asked questions we receive from social media experts looking for the best social media reporting and analytics tool to help them in their role.

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What social media platforms does locowise support?

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube

How many metrics does Locowise provide insights for?

Unlike many other social media analytics companies, we have an extensive range of metrics available to support your reporting and strategy. In fact, we have over 300 individual metrics available in our social media report builder - including predictive metrics thanks to the intelligent Locowise machine learning tool.

How does Locowise calculate each metric?

Details for each specific metric are showcased on the individual charts under the information icon.

How can I export the insights shared?

All reports can be exported as CSV, PDF, PPT.

How many price plans are available?

Locowise offers four unique price plans in total which are designed to scale and grow with your needs. Plan details can be found here.

Can I add additional profiles to my plan?

Yes, additional profiles can be added to every plan either at the point of purchase or any time during your subscription.

Can I connect Locowise with our platforms?

You can download or schedule your reports to be sent directly to your email or Slack channels.

Will Locowise publish content on my social media accounts once I have connected them?

No, Locowise will not publish any content on your pages. Instead we focus on providing a social media reporting service to guide you at every step, from initial research and competitor analysis to ongoing KPI tracking.

How much historical data can Locowise provide for each social media platform?

  • TikTok: 2 years
  • Facebook: 2 years
  • Instagram: 2 years
  • Twitter: 2 years or 3,200 tweets
  • LinkedIn: 1 year
  • YouTube: 1 year

Can I add competitor accounts?

Yes, you can add competitor accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Can I add my branding to Locowise reports?

Yes, you can upload your company logo to display on your reports.

How is AI used in social media reporting in Locowise?

Our unique formula uses predictive analytics to ensure everything from your optimal posting times to your competitor activity provides strategic guidance at the push of a button. That means no more guesswork, and a lot more results.

If I change my password for my social media accounts, will I need to reauthorise Locowise access?

Yes, if you change the password for your social media accounts you will need to re-authorize permission for Locowise.

How do I sign up?

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