Custom Client Reporting With 300+ Metrics

Drill down deep to create comprehensive and unique client reports.

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Automated Client Reporting In Minutes

Instant reports in a nicely packaged PDF or fully editable PowerPoint.

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You can create unique and custom reports on every single important aspect of social media. You can drill down deep with over 300 individual metrics that give you the whole picture and the full control over your client reporting.

You can pull up a report on a client’s social media channel, or channels if they’re spread far and wide. You can run a side-by-side benchmark comparison too to see how they are doing compared to competitors.

You have an immense amount of information that gives you all you need for informed, effective social media client reporting.

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Locowise Advantages

Social media client reporting made as easy as it could possibly be. And beautiful too. You can deliver high quality reports to your clients instantly. You can even have the report scheduled to be delivered to your inbox each month.

Click on the screen and within seconds you will have beautifully simple reports that will not only amaze your clients, but will also reassure them that you’ve got everything under control. We automate your reporting so you can focus on the clients' work.

There’s no clutter or data overload. Just the best possible level of reporting, done in minutes.

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