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Build your dashboard in under 1 minute from 100's of charts & analytics, across your social channels & benchmarks. Drag & drop gives you complete control over the layout.


Building a custom report takes minutes and you can automate who receives it, in what form & how frequently in our Report Centre.


Analyse your Facebook ads and post boosting performance whilst being able to integrate all the analytics into your reports and dashboards.

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Analyse performance and the conversation beyond your posts and get in-depth insight on your hashtags across Twitter & Instagram.


Measure your performance against your competitors or industry. Discover areas to optimise, understand competitor strategies & even identify which posts they are boosting.


From optimal post and content type identification to scheduling and content calendar management.


Choose from a library of hundreds of charts and metrics and build dashboards that show the social analytics that matter to you. With drag and drop, you can re-arrange, customise and adapt for your work flow.

Build as many of these dashboards as you want and share them across your team. Whether for campaign management, client reporting or performance analysis, you select the items you require and Locowise does the rest. Never again will you struggle to have the correct analytics at your finger tips.

  •   Unlimited Dashboards
  •   Drag & Drop Simplicity
  •   100's of Charts & Analytics
  •   Cross Social Channels
  •   Hashtag Analytics
  •   Competitive Benchmarking
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Hashtag activity around your tweets and Instagram posts only gives you one dimension of the story. Within Locowise, you get to capture and analyse the conversation around all activity on your hashtags,producing valuable insights and actionable analytics to help you amplify your efforts.

Tracking hashtags with Locowise with give you visibility on what your real reach is, identify the influencers within the conversations,what the context of the conversation is as as many more valuable insights to help you take advantage of momentum in real time. From gender and geographic distribution to understanding what other hashtags are being used with yours, tracking hashtags in Locowise provides you the complete picture of your performance.

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Custom dashboards you can build in minutes become even more powerful when you can easily turn them into social media reports. Using Report Centre, you simply choose your dashboard, who you want it sent to, in what format, at what frequency and leave the rest to Locowise. With a choice of formats, ability to add narrative and commentary plus add your own branding with our Theme Manager tool, professional reporting is automated leaving you to concentrate on performance.

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Benchmarking your performance against your competition and others in your sector is essential to stay on top of your game. Additionally, it can provide great insight into the strategy of of those competing for the a similar audience and provide ideas and action plans. Locowise delivers twenty six different metrics to benchmark your profiles against as well drill down to perform content analysis which not only allows you to see how your content compares but also gives you a great view of the successful themes and content for the wide ranging audience of your marketplace.

Interested to see who is boosting and what posts they choose to do so on? Locowise has a built in Boost Analyser Filter which identifies these posts and highlights them to you.

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Integrate your Facebook Ads activity into your analysis and dashboards with comprehensive metrics and insights. Understand how effective your paid activity is being alongside your organic activity. Have instant review alongside all your other campaign data such as Ad Type Effectiveness, Ad Placement Distribution, Time of Day Effectiveness and more.

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"Comprehensive, actionable insights are critical to the performance of any social media strategy. Locowise provides us a depth of understanding that everyone in the organisation can share & work with." - Rob, Sky Sports -


Locowise provides you the insight that allows quick understanding on what is working and what is not on your social channels. Comprehensive metrics presented clearly and concisely surrounded by tools that help you optimise performance, increase engagement and drive measurable value from your social assets.

Constantly Evolving

The most comprehensive set of social media analytics available. Fast, responsive and intuitive to use

Highly customisable

Automate manual processes such as reporting & social competitive benchmarking

Cost effective and flexible

Used by many of the largest brands and agencies in the world as well as many of the smallest.

No Restrictions

Unlimited dashboards, reports and users to share the power