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Make sure your social media strategy is fuelled by insights, not assumptions
Intelligently designed with the most intuitive features - Locowise promises to help you get stronger ROI for your social efforts
Locowise gives you
razor-accurate analytics with...
​No-­fuss dashboards
Select from over 200 metrics to build a dashboard filled with only the details you want – all displayed on a single page.
Deep hashtag analysis
Track all the activity around any hashtag you want to follow. Get access to over 25 metrics for Twitter and Instagram campaigns.
​Data for all channels
Easily keep on top of all your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Google+ will be added soon.
Cut reporting time from hours to minutes
From hours to minutes, that's the difference in our reporting since we started using Locowise. Add higher adoption to that also with our customers find the reporting clearer and easier to understand.
Wil Ong, Ogilvy
Insights that are critical for social media strategy
Comprehensive, actionable insights are critical to the performance of any social media strategy. Locowise provides us a depth of understanding that everyone in the organization can share and work with.
Sky Sports
Rob Hodges, Sky Sports
Turn insights into
optimised social campaigns...
Know when to publish
Uncover trends that tell you when your audience is most likely to be engaged. Schedule your activity around that data to maximize shares and clicks.
P​redict engagement
Locowise reveals which posts will earn you the most engagement by analyzing what type of content worked best for you in the past.
Beat the competition
Track your competitors' most popular posts and use them as inspiration to create even better content or benchmark performance against others.
Easy for our entire team to use
Great comprehensive tool. Straight forward set up and user friendly for all the team to consult and use for actionable insights. Great customer support network, fast and precise.
Sarah Bell, DigitasLBi
Huge range of metrics helps shape our strategy
The success of our social media strategy relies upon accurate and accessible insights. Locowise provides a huge range of actionable metrics which we use to help shape our social strategy, presented in a way in which everyone in the organisation can understand and utilise.
Joe Storey, Now TV
Prove ROI
with reports everyone can understand...
Cut reporting time
Turn your dashboard into an in­-depth report with simple drag­-and-drop layouts. Then share it instantly as an Excel, PowerPoint or PDF document.
​Eye­-popping visuals
Clearly communicate the results you're getting with crisp graphs and brilliantly colourful charts. Customize your report's look to match the company's branding.
Built for pros & laymen
Help clients and managers better understand all the metrics and social jargon with clean annotation and easy­-to-­read layouts.
Huge range of metrics helps shape our strategy
The success of our social media strategy relies upon accurate and accessible insights. Locowise provides a huge range of actionable metrics which we use to help shape our social strategy, presented in a way in which everyone in the organisation can understand and utilise.
Joe Storey, Now TV
Simplifies social media monitoring
Not only does Locowise make monitoring across our social media network simple, their team have been happy to engage with us to build features that fit and enhance our performance and workflow.
Tim Lesnik, Bwin Party
Locowise 4.8 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.
Locowise Reviewed by Caitlin Murphy on . Love it. 5 stars all the way. Cracking product which constantly evolves to outdo other platforms we have used. Rating: 5
Awesome and evolving constantly
Love it. 5 stars all the way. Cracking product which constantly evolves to outdo other platforms we have used. Read more reviews on
Caitlin Murphy, The Entertainer FZ
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6 Great Reasons Marketers Love Locowise
You'll get insanely accurate data to make informed decisions
Hundreds of hours have gone into the development of Locowise to make sure you get razor­-accurate reporting of raw data. No stat is ever rounded up or down. It's this level of precision that allows us to also predict your social growth over the next year with 93% accuracy.
It's (almost) like spying on your competitors
Use the competitor benchmarking feature to sneak a peek at your competitors' social data, so you can see exactly what worked best for them. Then use their top posts as inspiration for content that will earn you more followers, shares and clicks.
You can finish your work in half the time
When the pros at Ogilvy & Mather tried Locowise, they were able to slash their reporting time from hours down to mere minutes. It's all because of the intuitive way we've designed the platform. T​ry it to see what we mean..
Locowise Features
It reveals the t​rue value of your social campaign
Proving ROI from social media is never easy. That's why why Locowise is loaded with more than 200 metrics, charts & custom filters you can use to create in­depth reports that detail all the awesome results you're getting ­­ without having to explain social jargon to C­levels.
You get the fastest customer support
Have a question about the dashboard? Need help with a tricky custom filter? The Locowise support team will respond ridiculously fast to any request you make. And if you have a feature you'd like to see included, let us know. We just might add it to the platform.
Our customers say so: Locowise is awesome and getting better!
We listen to the marketers who use Locowise, and we build new features and functionality into Locowise based on their feedback. As we upgrade Locowise, you instantly get the latest improvements ­ without paying a dime more.
No credit card. Instant access.
See in under 3 minutes how Locowise will help you boost your social ROI
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    Facebook page reach study February 2015: Link posts get biggest organic reach.. Marko Saric, March 15
    How do I reach more people on my Facebook page organically? What type of post should I publish? It's a never-ending conundrum for brands and it comes up even more frequently since the changes in the Facebook algorithm and the rapid decline of the organic Facebook page reach...
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    What Caused The Spike On My Facebook Page? Marko Saric, March 11
    One of the things every social media marketer is happy to see is a spike in the analytics. A spike in Facebook traffic gives you a good feeling, a feeling of a job well done. It can also be quite addictive as you see the result achieved and want to experience...
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    8 Steps To Successfully Launch A New Facebook Page Marko Saric, March 6
    Anyone can easily start a new Facebook page, but it's not as easy to make a successful page that reaches and engages people. This is why we turned to three of our power users in hope of getting some practical advice. Meet Alex Baer from Iris, Nicolas Griffioen from 90/24 and Alex Packham from ASTP...
  • Facebook Post Boost
    How To Know Which Posts To Boost On Facebook Marko Saric, March 1
    If you're looking to start with Facebook advertising by only promoting your best performing posts, Locowise has a new feature that will help you. "Facebook Post Notification" will notify you when there is a new post that does well organically that you should promote...
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    How To Create A Great Social Media Report And Communicate Results To The Management Marko Saric, February 25
    It is widely agreed that tracking and analysing results play a major part of a successful social media campaign. As a social media marketer you should be reviewing your activities daily, identifying valuable insights and taking action to improve your performance...
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    How To Boost Your Social Media Performance By Benchmarking Against The Best Marko Saric, February 16
    One important part of being a successful social media marketer is your habit of being open-minded to new ideas and willingness to learn from the best. This is where benchmarking yourself to a competitor, or to popular pages outside of your sector, helps you gain...
  • Hashtags
    How To Track, Analyse And Make Sense Of Hashtags Marko Saric, February 8
    Hashtags are an ingrained part of many social media interactions. People love using hashtags to join conversations, support causes they believe in or simply showcase their creative side. Marketers want a piece of the social proof and virality that trending hashtags can bring...
  • First Login
    3 To-dos on your first Locowise login Marko Saric, February 8
    Looking at all the social media data might be overwhelming at first. Some find it difficult to recognize metrics that are important for measuring the health of a page. It can be demanding to identify any actionable insights trapped in all the big data. This article gives you...
  • Facebook Ads
    Locowise Integrated With Facebook Ads Manager Ian Mullane, November 5
    Whether running ads or boosting posts, your paid activity on Facebook is an important part of your social strategy. We recognised there was a need to integrate the metrics from these activities into Locowise so that your dashboards and reporting were ever more...
  • Twitter Analytics
    Bringing the latest Twitter Analytics to Locowise Ian Mullane, October 27
    Everybody involved in social media marketing gave a little yelp of glee when Twitter announced they were going to provide an analytics offering that included the missing link of measurement – IMPRESSIONS! This, along with link clicks and a standard engagement rate, gave new validity...
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