Professional grade editable social media reports delivered instantly

There are hundreds of metrics to look at in social media. Finding the data and drawing actionable insights can be an incredibly laborious process.
Locowise Social Audits are automated professional reports with comprehensive insights including both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Easy five step process to build your Social Audit

Choose Social Audits

Choose the Social Audits you'd like to run

Choose Primary Brand

Choose your Primary Brand

Choose Rival Brands

Choose Rival Brands to compare against

Select Theme

Upload your logo and select the color theme

Schedule Email

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Locowise Social Audits help you communicate values and translate meaning to your clients with less effort.

With our proprietary Locowise scores, we focus on the leading indicators of a high performing effort and give you an instant and accurate score from 0 to 100. Measure how successful a brand is, how users feel about the brand, how successful a specific topic or a particular post is in engaging an audience.

Locowise Brand Audit

Locowise Brand Audit (View Sample)

Locowise Content Audit

Locowise Content Audit (View Sample)

$55 Per Audit

2-10 Audits - 10% OFF
11-20 Audits - 15% OFF
21-30 Audits - 20% OFF
31-40 Audits - 25% OFF
41-50 Audits - 30% OFF
50+ Audits - Email us

  • Brand Audit
    Get a no-fluff report on the state of the competitive landscape. Recommended for when doing monthly reporting for current clients.
  • Content Audit
    Get a report on the activity, sentiment, engaging topics and an overview of the posts. Recommended for an audit of the content strategy or when conceptualising new creative campaigns.
  • Market Audit
    Get a report on the state of the competitive landscape. Recommended for when pitching a prospect or when analyzing a new market. You don't need admin access to any of the profiles used.

Locowise Social Audits all come through in a nicely packaged PDF or a fully editable PowerPoint file.
Locowise Social Audits can be shared to be viewed in the browser or scheduled to be sent every month, automatically via email.